Playing monthly gigs in Wisconsin!
Double headers in June, July, August & September! 

Tommy's Too High Wines in Danbury and The Cabaret in Webb Lake
(Tommy's from 1-5* & Cabaret from 8-12*)

May 18th - Tommy's Too High Wines (1-5)
June  15th  -  (Tommy's + Cabaret)
July 5th - Icehouse Bar - Danbury, WI (7-11)
July 20th  -  (Tommy's + Cabaret)
July 27th - Junkyard Bar   (7-11)
August 24th -  (Tommy's + Cabaret)
September 14th -  (Tommy's + Cabaret)
October 5th - Tommy's Too High Wines (1-5)

Junkyard Bar (Hertl, WI)
Be sure to check out the links to this YouTube short!

Also a few pop up gigs on the radar!
More Details  to Follow!